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Hillary in ‘65 or Spencer in ‘69: Do You Think They’re Sexy?


Hillary Clinton in Park Ridge, Ill., 1965; John Spencer near Danang, Vietnam, 1969.Photos: Getty Images; The New York Times

Yesterday’s Daily News brought word that Republican Senate candidate John Spencer thinks Hillary Clinton was ugly as a kid. “You ever see a picture of her back then? Whew,” Spencer said to the reporter Ben Smith as the two flew to Rochester. “I don’t know why Bill married her.” In today’s News, Hillary shot back. “I thought my high-school picture was cute,” she said. Meantime, in Friday’s Times, Spencer pointed out the drastically different lives they led back then. “She had flowers in her hair, and I had a rifle in my hand,” he said, highlighting his time in Vietnam versus her time at Wellesley. All of which raises an obvious question: Who was better-looking in the sixties, Hillary in 1965 or Spencer in 1969? (Do your best to ignore Spencer’s adorable puppy.)

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Hillary in ‘65 or Spencer in ‘69: Do You Think They’re Sexy?