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See Dick Get Steamrolled


Dick Grasso in 2003, the good old days.Photo: AP

Oh, poor Dick Grasso. Now he’ll have to retire from the New York Stock Exchange with a mere $39.5 million parting gift, after a state-court ruling took $100 million from his retirement package and negged the idea that he was owed another $95 million for wrongful termination. More than anything else, this is very bad news for Grasso, who now might be forced to live out his golden years subsisting on cat food and boiled ears of corn. (Sorry; we saw the new Grey Gardens musical the other night, and we’ve since been sort of haunted by that diet. And by the fleas. Yuck.) It is, however, very good news for someone else: your next governor, Eliot Spitzer. On Early and Often, Jon Dolan explains.

Grasso Verdict Nice But Not Necessary for Spitzer [Early and Often]

See Dick Get Steamrolled