What a Drag It Is Getting Old: Mick Jagger Sued Over Alleged Sore Throat

Plaintiffs: Rosalee Margolis Druyan, individually and as a class representative of ticket purchasers

Defendants: Mick Jagger; the Rolling Stones; Ticketmaster; Live Nation; “John Doe” Promoter

Accusation: Pissed off Rolling Stones fans are fighting mad and fighting back against Mick Jagger, the Stones, and Ticketmaster after a much-ballyhooed October 27 concert in Atlantic City was canceled. They don’t buy Mick’s sore-throat-and-doc-won’t-let-me-perform excuse — and they want more than $50 million for their troubles.

Rosalee Margolis Druyan says in a class-action fraud complaint filed yesterday in Manhattan Supreme Court that Jagger, the Stones and Ticketmaster all knew in advance the aging rockers would blow off the show because Jagger had a sore throat and wanted to rest up for a $60,000-per-couple “political charity show” — a.k.a., Bill Clinton’s birthday party — Sunday night at the Beacon Theater. (The event was to be taped by Martin Scorsese, “for release as a theatrical movie,” and was considered to be more lucrative.)

Even though defendants knew the concert would be canceled, Druyan says tickets were still being sold until 4:07 p.m. on the day of the show. And it wasn’t until the 12,000 or so ticket holders made the pilgrimage to Atlantic City — and only hours before the concert — that it was announced that the concert was off.

The lawsuit seeks $51.6 million as reimbursement for tickets, hotel accommodations, travel, meals, and “entertainment expenses” for all 12,000 ticket holders.

Disposition: Now it’s the Stones’ turn to respond to the complaint. While the court waits, may we suggest they hit A.C.? The rescheduled show is November 17.

You can read the complaint here.

Nick Divito

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What a Drag It Is Getting Old: Mick Jagger Sued Over Alleged Sore Throat