Will Smith Brings the Apocalypse to Greenwich Village


The large, inflatable, post-apocalyptic thing in Washington Square today.Photo: Everett Bogue

So how do you turn New York into a post-apocalyptic world? Practice, practice, practice? Let Al Shanker get hold of a nuclear warhead? (Ha! We kill ourselves.) No, apparently you do it with a large, inflatable thing in the middle of Washington Square Park. Production teams for a new Will Smith project, I Am Legend, are out in NYU-land this afternoon, preparing for what our intrepid intern-photog, Everett Bogue, gathers will be a shoot this evening. In addition to the large, inflatable thing, Everett reports the addition of a variety of fake trees, random species of plastic jungle underbrush, and a half-dozen large lighting rigs. Will the Fresh Prince himself show up? Will the Square get even more post-apocalyptic? Developing, as they say.

(Oh, also? In this post-apocalyptic New York, that might not even be Washington Square. As New York reported a few months ago, the script puts the MetLife Building on Seventh Avenue and Balthazar on 14th Street.)

Will Smith Brings the Apocalypse to Greenwich Village