Andy Dick Is Full of Hate


Andy Dick in New York last month.Photo: Patrick McMullan

In case you feel you’ve fallen behind in such matters, here’s an update on who Andy Dick — who’s been spending a lot of time in New York lately, staying at the Regency — currently hates. For starters, there’s Mandy Stadtmiller, the Post reporter (and j-school dater) he urinated in front of at Comedy Central’s William Shatner roast. She’s also a comic, and Dick is convinced she was trolling for material. “Now she gets to go onstage and talk about the ‘Infamous Night,’” he said last week. “Pardon my French, but she is a pathetic, sickening, slimy, money-grubbing, sociopath.” Also: Chris Kattan, who constantly made fun of him on Saturday Night Live. “I take it personally when someone you’re friends with makes fun of you to get ahead,” he says. “He got what he deserved, the prick. He got fired off Broadway.” And then there’s Kathy Griffin. “She had a 45-minute block in her set devoted to making fun of things I was doing at her house. That’s why I didn’t talk to her for two years.” But someone Dick likes? Jessica Simpson, who put him in her remake of Working Girl. “I am way more crazy than they are,” he says of Simpson and her dad, Joe. “I guess that’s why they like me.”

Shira Levine

Andy Dick Is Full of Hate