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Breaking: Bloomberg Is Rich!


The richest New Yorker toots his own horn at an awards ceremony last month.Photo: Getty Images

The busybodies at the New York Sun have calculated our mayor’s worth, and they think he’s got more than four times what’s previously been reported. In September, Forbes put Bloomie on its list of 400 wealthiest Americans at No. 44, with a paltry $5.3 billion. But today’s Sun says the mayor’s good for about $22.5 billion “and possibly more,” making him “perhaps, the wealthiest resident in New York City.” Whoa.

Bloomberg LP is privately held and doesn’t have to report its earnings; we’re not entirely sure where its founder gets the extra $17.2 billion or where the Sun gets its figures (although we’re sure Mel Gibson has a theory on both). But that’s some impressive number-porn. Just for context, this kind of money places the mayor ahead of Rupert Murdoch and the Google guys. It’s also a potentially big ka-ching for every good cause in the world, since Bloomberg has made noises about giving his fortune away when he retires.

Or he could just buy the presidency.

Bloomberg’s Worth May Have Soared to Near $20 Billion [NYS]

Breaking: Bloomberg Is Rich!