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Dem Congress Is New York’s Gain — and Mississippi’s Loss?


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If we accept that essentially everyone in New York City is a Democrat, then Tuesday was unquestionably a good day for New York. And if we accept that the Democratic party — based on the coasts, with liberalish sensibilities and an urban base — likes New York more than the Republicans do, having the Democrats in control of Congress is also unquestionably good for New York. But as metro political ace Pat Healy points out in today’s Times, in even the most practical and concrete of terms, the Democratic ascension on Capitol Hill is a very, very good thing for New York. How so?

Hillary Clinton won with a huge majority, campaigned actively for her colleagues, and is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee — which makes her a major force in the Senate. Chuck Schumer orchestrated the Democrats’ entire Senate campaign, which makes him a force there, too. In the House, Louise Slaughter, from way upstate, takes over the Rules Committee, and Nyida Velazquez, from Queens, gets the Small Business Committee. Westchester’s Nita Lowey will get an appropriations subcommittee, Jerry Nadler’s rep as a policy wonk finally has some use, and Anthony Weiner, the article carefully points out, is friends with Nancy Pelosi. And then, of course, there’s the pride of Harlem, Charlie Rangel, who takes over the Ways and Means committee and doesn’t hide his frustration that the Empire State gets financially shafted by the Feds:

Mississippi gets more than their fair share back in federal money, but who the hell wants to live in Mississippi?” Mr. Rangel said.

It’s a great line. And yet find ourselves sad we didn’t get to hear Rangel himself rasp it out. So much for the Times’ much-vaunted multimedia.

After Years on the Outs, New York Comes Back In [NYT]

Dem Congress Is New York’s Gain — and Mississippi’s Loss?