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In a Change of Roles, Hevesi Picks on Pataki. But Why?

George Pataki wants to make the most of his remaining tenure in Albany. And now the state comptroller — that would be our old pal Alan Hevesi — is accusing him of trying to push through, as the gate closes on his governorship, a number of stalled initiatives that will result in billions added to the state’s debt.

Financially speaking, New York State is a pretty deep shade of red as it is — there’s $3,515 of Empire State debt for every adult resident, compared to $707 in Texas. So maybe this comptroller dude has a point about adding even more. But the problem, of course, is who knows? Is Hevesi the Comptroller ringing the bell on Pataki the Governor’s fiscal irresponsibility (you know, like a comptroller is there for)? Or is Hevesi the Dude Who’s the Target of Like Three Investigations just lashing out at Pataki the Guy Who Ordered One of Them?

Which makes us realize: Yeah, this guy’s toast.

Hevesi Says Pataki Pushing Billions of New Debt in Final Months [amNY]

In a Change of Roles, Hevesi Picks on Pataki. But Why?