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In London, Marty Needs a Stiff Upper Lip


Tony and Marty: Who’s the beep?Photo:

When we last saw our intrepid hero, indefatigable Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz, he was sailing off — okay, fine, flying — to the United Kingdom to sweet-talk British travel agencies into sending more tourists to Brooklyn. The task, he now reports from across the pond, is proving harder than expected: According to Marty, nobody in the dear old Blighty knows Brooklyn exists.

Some choice crumpet crumbles from today’s Daily News:

The travel agents had vaguely heard of the bridge and knew about Brooklyn Beckham — the son of British soccer icon David Beckham and Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham. That was it …

Markowitz talked to model Martha Hussey, 25, who said that on a recent trip “I went to Katz’s Deli. Is that in Brooklyn?”

Oy vey.

Blimey! U.K. goes blank on Brooklyn [NYDN]

In London, Marty Needs a Stiff Upper Lip