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Jeanine Pirro’s Future Is Bright, Somehow


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Lest you thought we were all done with her, now there’s a suggestion we may very well still have Jeanine Pirro to kick around. At least, that’s what the state Republicans tell today’s Times. One pol “can’t see why she wouldn’t be a wonderful candidate,” and another says “[s]he definitely has a future in state politics.” Oh? Could there be some untapped reserve of Pirromaniacs out there waiting to be engaged? Really? Well, maybe not.

I can’t imagine that Pirro has a statewide future,” says Steve Fishman, New York’s resident Pirro expert since he chronicled her attorney-general campaign and Dynasty-size marital troubles in October. “I mean, her scandal so hobbled her every step of the way, and so publicly. There’s a playbook out there on how to destroy her. That said, she’s proved herself to be a vote-getter in Westchester, where she’s been reelected three times — the last time right after Al went to jail. So if there’s an appropriate congressional seat …”

But, still, Fishman can’t see why she’d bother with all that again. “We’re much more likely to see her hosting her own show on Court TV,” he says. “She could easily have a Nancy Grace–like future ahead of her.” Great. Just what we need: Another Nancy Grace.

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Jeanine Pirro’s Future Is Bright, Somehow