JT LeRoy, Fashion Designer


Knoop/LeRoy in February 2005.Photo: Getty Images

Savannah Knoop used to dress up as JT LeRoy. Now, nearly a year after removing her hoaxy disguise, she’s trying on another title: fashion designer. Yes, it seems the woman who used to pose as a transgendered prostitute now creates androgynous outfits. When Stephen Beachy began unmasking the JT myth in a October 2005 New York profile, he called the faux-memoirist “a wig and sunglasses floating around a dizzying production of narrative.” A lengthy article in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle documented Knoop’s fashion line TINC, as well as her other gig as a waitress in Oakland. From someone who used to masquerade as someone who didn’t exist, expect frumpy fabulous.

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JT LeRoy, Fashion Designer