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Mrs. Gotti Wants to See Bill Clinton Naked


Gotti in 2003, with her portrait of her husband.Photo: AP

In Praise of Older Women,” an exhibition of paintings by Victoria Gotti Sr. — that would be Growing Up Gotti Victoria’s mom, the late Dapper Don’s widow — opened last night at MW Gallery in Chelsea. Many of the paintings, as it turns out, are her impressions of famous faces, from Bill Clinton to Johnny Depp. “I only paint pictures of people that I like, and I love Bill Clinton,” Gotti told us at the reception. “I voted for him twice. I don’t think this country would be in the mess that it’s in now with Iraq if he was still president.”

We asked if celebrities sit for her. “No, I wish,” she said. “Can you put in a good word? I’d paint Bill Clinton nude.” She paused for a second. “Don’t print that,” she said. Sorry, Mrs. G.

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Mrs. Gotti Wants to See Bill Clinton Naked