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Stop That Train!


A rendering of Calatrava’s roof.Image: Port Authority via NYT

So the one bright spot at the construction morass that is ground zero has long been Santiago Calatrava’s transportation hub, with a daring design beloved by all and, because it is being constructed by the Port Authority and not by Larry Silverstein, a seemingly strong likelihood of getting built sooner rather than later. Too good to be true, you say? Too good to be true it is! Someone has finally noticed that the roof of Calatrava’s underground mezzanine, which is set to be built of translucent panels that bathe the mezzanine with natural light, is in the same place as the ground-level pedestrian entrance to the victims’ memorial, which is set to be flanked by cathedral-like allée of white oaks. The obvious problem: You can’t exactly plant trees in a field of glass panels. “We are working through these issues and are very close to a resolution,” the Port Authority’s chief flack tells the Times. Yuh-huh.

The Intersection of Two Designs and Two Purposes [NYT]

Stop That Train!