When Good PR Stunts Go Bad (Although for Good Causes)


Photo: Everett Bogue

We received a press release last week from the Salvation Army, promising the world’s largest collection of holiday bell-ringers in Bryant Park this morning, and we were vaguely intrigued. It was a stunt, clearly, and a silly one at that, but, still, something about the image of a few hundred guys and girls in Santa suits, all clanging away together, warmed our cold hearts — mostly because we thought it’d be photographically interesting, all that red felt amid the gray and fading green of the park. As it turned out, the Salvation Army could muster only 62 ringers, none were in Santa outfits, and — this is the part that truly mystifies us — we’re told they didn’t even ring their bells. (You gotta ring them bells!) Bah humbug.

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When Good PR Stunts Go Bad (Although for Good Causes)