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A Visit From a Freaking Expensive Poem

News of Wall Street’s Gulfstream-altitude bonuses brings at least one Schadenfreudically bright note for the rest of us: a well-compensated New York businessman wholly scammed by his first foray into the literary world.

A businessman paid $280,000 for an original 1860 handwritten copy of the classic poem that begins “‘Twas the night before Christmas” and read it to friends at a party, an auction gallery said Tuesday.

Rohan, you thief! Charging $280,000 just for a poem? An honest auctioneer would have explained to that media CEO that he could get a real, live poet to read a brand-new poem for a tiny fraction of that. Hell, a few bottles of Turning Leaf and some cheese cubes usually do it.

(Also: So who? Jann? Si? Dick Parsons? Any guesses or info, let us know.)

Copy of Poem Sold; Twas Worth $280K [AP via Yahoo]

A Visit From a Freaking Expensive Poem