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An Emergency Command Center Grows in Brooklyn*



After five years without a permanent home, the city’s emergency command center has finally made like seemingly every other New Yorker and, well, moved to Brooklyn. The brand-new, four-story building in downtown Brooklyn cost $50 million (which actually sounds kinda cheap, considering the ultra-high-tech stuff that, we hope, it’s got inside). It’s also, notably, “green” — that is, environmentally sound — and poised to get certified as such by the U.S. Green Building Council. Which raises the question: Should we let these people tour the building? They sound like America-haters. More important than that, though, we’re not sure if we should take the reasoning behind the center’s new location as a compliment to the Borough of Kings or as an insult. Is it a vote of confidence, a sign of Brooklyn’s growing centrality to city affairs? Or is it snub, suggesting that officials think nobody wants to bomb the place, anyway. Either way, we’re pleased to note that there’s also now a backup center — in an undisclosed location, naturally. We’re thinking Staten Island. No one would want to bomb that.

* We know. Sorry. Nothing better immediately came to mind.

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An Emergency Command Center Grows in Brooklyn*