And Just Wait for the Atlantic Yards Expansion Pack


SimRock CenterImage: New York City Journals

You can have your Google Earth. The proprietor of a blog called New York City Journals has undertaken the Sisyphean task of re-creating the five boroughs within the universe of SimCity. Whether you like the venerable computer game or not, the project is oddly entrancing; it’s worth a scroll down the page to watch NYCJ painstakingly mock up brownstones, train yards, the finer points of the Randall’s Island landscape, and seasonal phenomena like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (above) and a Thanksgiving traffic jam. Rendered in awesome detail — there are four kinds of phone-booth props — the architecture still retains certain game-piece cuteness that makes even the grime look pretty. And it looks like, in NYCJ’s SimManhattan, the Freedom Tower has been constructed. So much for verisimilitude.

New York City in SimCity [New York City Journals via A Brooklyn Life via Curbed]


And Just Wait for the Atlantic Yards Expansion Pack