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Babes in Nerveland



When we heard Nerve, the ur-intellectual sex site, was launching a baby site, Babble, we were dismayed. Of course, according to a film we viewed in sixth grade, offspring is one of the natural outgrowths of coitus, and, judging by our friends’ children, Babyville, like sexville, seems to involve a lot of rough stripping and plastic accessories. Still — unlike sex — having children is a personal act. We understand people do it, but we don’t need to hear about it or anything. We thought our fears were confirmed when we saw today’s yawn-inducing headline on one of Babble’s blogs, Stroller Derby: “Kids Are Never Too Sick for a Double-Cheeseburger.” Then we read it:

A friend of mine is a gastroenterologist. Whenever I ask him to tell me horror stories from his job, I hear one of two things:

Whoa. Pass the nipple!

Kids Are Never Too Sick for a Double Cheeseburger [Babble/Stroller Derby]

Babes in Nerveland