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But Will the Prosecutor Send a Limo?


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The Driving Mrs. Hevesi debacle keeps cruising along. Today’s Post reports that the embattled comptroller has received a written invitation to tell his side of the story to an Albany grand jury this Friday, “if he so desires.” Hevesi’s lawyer had no comment on whether his client would accept the invitation. The grand jury, of course, is the body that might indict the comptroller, and as Steve Fishman noted in this week’s magazine, Hevesi’s job currently seems more secure than you might think — unless he gets indicted. One fun part of this: It’s all awfully polite, isn’t it, than Alan is merely being “invited” to talk. For simpler folks, as we understand it, such an invitation usually comes under a less courtly name: They get subpoenas.

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But Will the Prosecutor Send a Limo?