City to Build Bike Racks, Evict Clydesdales


Photo: Everett Bogue

Yesterday we received a forwarded — actually, a several-times forwarded — press release from the New York City Department of Transportation. Next year, the city will expand the sidewalk into the street at the southeast corner of North 7th Street at Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, removing several parking spots but creating space for more bicycle racks. The forwarders were enthusiastic: “A truly progressive move by DOT,” said one; perhaps the first time the city has removed vehicular parking spots to make room for bike parking, suggested another. But what does that corner look like at rush hour now? Photog and Williamsburger Everett Bogue checked it out on his way to work this morning, and we can’t help but wonder: Once the new bike racks go in, how will they get the Bud to Williamsburg?

DOT to Widen Sidewalk & Install Bike Racks in Williamsburg, Brooklyn [PDF]

City to Build Bike Racks, Evict Clydesdales