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Condé Nast Attempts to Figure Out Girls Who Read

Condé Nast is working hard to hit the teen-girl sweet spot with focus groups for the mag company’s new venture,, an online hangout for all kinds of girls. Well, for almost all kinds of girls. Unsurprisingly, Anna Wintour’s incubator got up to speed on the Gossip Girls mind-set pretty swiftly, according to a report in today’s Journal:

Like many teenage endeavors, flip is likely to have a hierarchy. The site will have online clubs — including an animal-rights club and a writing club — and some will accept a limited number of members. Users can comment on other girls’ flip books. “The super-alpha girls who want to talk about Miu Miu [designer shoes] can do that,” says Jamie Pallot, the editorial director of CondeNet. “And the nerdy ones can talk about,” he pauses, looking to his colleagues for assistance. “What do the nerdy ones talk about?”

Hard to say, Jamie. When you shove them in those lockers, you can really only hear the screams.

To Lure Teens to Its Latest Web Site, Conde Nast Turns to the ‘Flip Squad’
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Condé Nast Attempts to Figure Out Girls Who Read