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Eating on a Jet Plane



Think there are no new ways left to demonstrate that you have much, much too much money? Think again. As Grub Street’s Daniel Maurer reports, there’s now a service — Jet Dining, it’s called — that will pick you up, fly you across the country in a private jet, get you a dinner reservation at the restaurant of your choice, and drop you back home in time to wake the kids up for school the next morning. And it’s only a mere $30,000 to try the new Batali restaurant in Los Angeles tomorrow night. The cost of the meal is included in the tab, but there’s no word on whether the Jet Dining can score you a last-minute table at Per Se. Curious about other trips? It’s all at Grub Street.

Got $25,000? A Learjet and a Table at Mozza Await [Grub Street]

Eating on a Jet Plane