For This Al Gore Invented the Internet?

Fresh on the heels of the Chris Hitchens–Graydon Carter–Rachel Sklar debate over whether women are, in fact, not funny, The Morning News today examines a much more important question: Why are Jews so very funny? Writer Wayne Gladstone explains how he once answered the question:

I decided to give my friend the politically correct answer: that the Jews had been forced into comedy by the downsizing of the Zionist government and continued outsourcing of baptized-baby blood-drinking jobs.

Hilarious! Actually, he’s got a longer and more serious analysis that’s worth reading. And when you’re done, keep checking back. We’re eagerly awaiting upcoming features on why black people laugh so loudly and Wasps can’t time punch lines.

The Confession of an American Jew [The Morning News]

For This Al Gore Invented the Internet?