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Hot-Dog Recession Ends; Hot-Dog Inflation Rampant!


Photo: AP

It kills us to give George Bush credit for this, but apparently the recession is over. What recession, you ask? No idea. But the price of Gray’s Papaya’s omnipresent “Recession Special” has finally been raised, from $2.75 to $3.50. (Such inflation on your watch, Bush? So much for fiscal conservatism.) It seems this is part of a general Gray’s price hike — the standard dog jumped at the start of this month from 95 cents to $1.25 — and, indeed, just a symptom of a much larger hot-dog inflationary trend. Grub Street reports this sad Gray’s news — and rounds up what a dog will set you back at nearly every frankfurter emporium in the city. We’d tell you how the inventory was assembled, but, trust us, you don’t want to know how the list was made.

Bummer Indeed: Gray’s Papaya Finally Raises Prices [Grub Street]

Hot-Dog Recession Ends; Hot-Dog Inflation Rampant!