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And They Shall Call It ‘iTimes’

The Times is looking at creating a new, youth-oriented tabloid edition of the paper, according to a report in today’s Observer. Everyone knows print media is the place to be nowadays, so this move makes perfect sense. But what would Times articles look like when tweaked for a young, hip, ADD audience? We’ve taken the liberty of rewriting today’s Page One heads to make them, as the kids say, “something we would, you know, read.” No worries, Bill. You’re welcome.

Bush Concedes Iraq War More Difficult Than He Expected
Okay. You Know When You Try to Crack iTunes?

Fear and Hope in Immigrant’s Furtive Existence
No iPod, No Green Card: Here’s the Deal

Public Universities Chase Excellence, at a Price
State School: Not Cheap

In This Town, Even a Mall Rat Can Get Rattled
One Town, Many Abercrombies

Fanfare for Ham, a Country Cousin
Mmmm. Ham.

Times Dreams Little Free Tabloid Project, Aims for Elusive Young [NYO]

And They Shall Call It ‘iTimes’