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More Real, Actual Freedom Tower Progress


Ground Zero yesterday, with one of its two steel beams.Photo: Getty Images

In 2003, George Pataki expected the superstructure of Freedom Tower to have reached its full 1,776 feet by this September. In 2004, he presided over the cornerstore-laying for the building. And yesterday, finally, the first steel beams were installed there. (How is this different than that other first-things-being-installed ceremony a few weeks ago? We seem to recall that one involved concrete rather than steel.) Two beams were the result of yesterday’s work — there’ll be 27 in total — and they top out some 40 feet below street level. So thanks, Pataki, for that awesome leadership. You’ve shown the terrorists!

Pataki Finds Satisfaction in New Roots at 9/11 Site [NYT]

More Real, Actual Freedom Tower Progress