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MTA to Upgrade Service, Break Down Barriers


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The MTA, perhaps flush with all that Stuy Town money, is finally doing right by its two runtiest sons: the G and L trains. Starting next spring, there will be more L service during all hours, peak and off-peak, while the G line will extend five stops on its southern end: Instead of terminating at Smith and 9th, it will now shadow the F for the rest of its Park Slope stops, all the way to the Church Street station. The addition of more Ls will, of course, come as welcome news to anyone who’s tried to squeeze into a train as packed with pale youngsters as a free-coke night at MisShapes. But the real bombshell is the boost to the long-neglected G, which is set to rock our cultural landscape by providing a long-overdue link between Park Slope and Williamsburg — and finally working to unite the city’s too-long-divided hipster and grup populations. Kumbaya, people. Kumbaya.

MTA To Boost L, G Lines Service [amNY]

MTA to Upgrade Service, Break Down Barriers