20-person poll

President Mike?

In this week’s cover story, and on the heels of the weekend’s news that Hillary Clinton is moving yet another step closer to maybe, eventually admitting she’s running for president, New York’s John Heilemann considers the possibility of a Bloomberg White House bid in 2008, reporting that the mayor is seriously considering a run and that political pros thinks he’d be a serious contender. Inspired, Daily Intel took to the streets — well, took to Madison Avenue immediately in front of the office — for our first-ever 20-Person Poll. How would Mayor Mike fare in some hypothetical matchups? According to some random pedestrians, not so badly — as long as Hillary doesn’t run.

Matchup No. 1: Michael Bloomberg vs. Hillary Clinton
Clinton: 15; Bloomberg: 5

Matchup No. 2: Michael Bloomberg vs. Barack Obama
Bloomberg: 12; Obama: 8

Matchup No. 3: Michael Bloomberg vs. John McCain
Bloomberg: 13; McCain: 6; No answer: 1

Matchup No. 4: A three-way race between Bloomberg, Clinton, and McCain
Clinton: 14, Bloomberg: 4, McCain: 2

His American Dream [NYM]

President Mike?