Scenes From the East Village: David Cross Edition


Photo: Patrick McMullan

Dramatis personae: Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, and a laughing, unsteadily walking David Cross.

In front of Professor Thom’s, Second Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets. Last night, approximately 1 a.m.

ARNETT, POEHLER, and CROSS exit the bar, where apparently, Fred Armisen was hosting an open-bar birthday party.

Oh, man, put another one in the bag!

CROSS staggers across the sidewalk and directly into a news box. The news box falls over and hits the ground with a thunk. CROSS does likewise. CROSS slides across the top of the news box in slow motion, then lies splayed on the ground next to it. ARNETT and POEHLER stand alongside, laughing too hard to help. A minute passes. ARNETT composes himself to offer a hand to CROSS. CROSS, suddenly moving quickly, springs up as if on his fifth Red Bull.

See ya!

As quickly as he’d arisen, CROSS disappears into a cab.


Jada Yuan

Scenes From the East Village: David Cross Edition