Taxi Driver Speaks: ‘An Asshole Tax’

Think this latest taxi-fare increase — which doubled the cost of standing time — sucks for passengers? Think again. Cab driver and self-styled livery-industry pundit Alexander Stone Dale calls us from time to time to give us his take on the business. Here’s his latest insight:

The new fare increase — it’s brilliant. It’s an asshole tax! Only four of my passengers paid more than they normally do. And all four were totally stupid assholes who didn’t want to hear about it, wanted to go the way they always go, weren’t concerned about my fucking convenience, weren’t concerned about anything. And all four freaked out. It was amazing. If you’re not an asshole, cab fares have remained unchanged.

An asshole tax? That we can get behind.

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Taxi Driver Speaks: ‘An Asshole Tax’