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The ‘Observer,’ Family Style


Another New York family: the Bunkers.Photo: CBS/

The Observer goes vaguely Socialite Rank this week, offering a list of the “29 Power Families” of New York. You’ve got your Cuomos, your Rubensteins, even your Foers. (Notably absent: the Dolans, the Aokis, and, ahem, a certain family that just bought a $1.8 billion midtown office tower.) We took the liberty of parsing the list by trade, to see what area of human pursuit holds the promise of the most New York power. The result will not shock you.

Real Estate: 7 families (Picket, Rose, Tishman-Speyer, Trump, Walentas, Warburg Peters, Zeckendorf)
Media and PR: 6 (Abrams, Hearst, Leibner, Newhouse and Sulzberger, Rubenstein)
Literature and the Arts: 6 (Foer, Gelb, Jong-Fast, Hammerstein, Marden, Schnabel)
Politics: 3 (Clarke, Cuomo, Rivera)
Retail: 3 (Lauren, LeRoy, Tisch)
Sports: 2 (Steinbrenner and Wilpon)
Law: 1 (Boies)
Marrying Well: 1 (Mortimer)

One Happy Family [NYO]

The ‘Observer,’ Family Style