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‘Times’ Couplets: Poetic Truths in the Paper of Record

Wherein which your faithful correspondent assembles Times headlines in rhyme to bring you secret bulletins from the paper of record. Today’s message: The World Needs a Cold Shower.

The French Riviera Is an Adult Playground, With a PG Side—
The Netherlands: Iron Rita Sidelined;

Legislators Vote for Gay Unions in N.J.
Commendatore, Where the Devil Are You Taking Me?

Spies, Lies and Noir in Berlin—
A Woman Who Wore Couture Like a Second Skin—

Albania, Europe’s Rough Corner, Loosens Up
Hofstra Women Starting to Think, ‘Why Not Us?’

Administration to Drop Effort to Track if Visitors Leave
High-Speed Colonoscopies;

The Cost of an Overheated Planet?
We’re Glad You Love Us; Don’t Overdo It. —Lizzie Skurnick

‘Times’ Couplets: Poetic Truths in the Paper of Record