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Breaking: Banks, Bankers Make a Lot of Money

Today’s big news in the city’s big businesses.

J.P. Morgan had a very good fourth quarter, but is $4.53 billion enough to top Citigroup? Answer on Friday. [DealBreaker]
• Projected versus actual 2006 Wall Street bonuses. Either way, they were big. [BankersBall]
• Taking a cue from its bonus-giddy brokers, Bear Stearns looks to invest in some Manhattan real estate. [NYO via DealBook/NYT]

• Gay associate Aaron Charney is suing Sullivan & Cromwell for discrimination. Fearing the “far-reaching tentacles” of his former firm, Charney is representing himself. [The American Lawyer].
• Dewey Ballantine loses two more star partners — making that eleven defections in recent months. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Scott Henshall launches men’s line, Core, and accompanying coffee-table book, in which model Justin Timberlake brings sexy back to family rooms nationwide. [British Vogue]
• Christopher Kane designs “more accessible” (read cheaper) dress collection for a “more demographic” (read poorer) fashion buyer. [British Vogue]

Star staffers are sweating after a flurry of ads for AMI jobs in Boca Raton appeared on Mediabistro yesterday. [NYP]
• Eat the Press reads The Atlantic’s homage to the “Playboy era” — and why the men’s mags we’re making today pale in comparison — so you don’t have to. [Eat the Press/HuffPo]

Breaking: Banks, Bankers Make a Lot of Money