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CNBC Backs Anchor Maria Bartiromo

• The story of the jet-fueled relationship between ex-Citigroup exec Todd Thompson and CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo has turned from a snowball into an avalanche. [WSJ]
• Newspapers eliminated about 1,500 positions in 2006, an improvement over 2005, when 2,500 scribes took a walk. [E&P]
• Putting scratch-and-sniff ads in the Wall Street Journal actually makes us less inclined to read a newspaper. [AdAge]

NYSE chief John Thain rains on private equity’s parade at Davos. [DealBook/NYT ]
• As a governor, Eliot Spitzer retreats from boardroom law and order and creeps slowly toward the idea of Sarbanes-Oxley reform. [NYT]
• Goldman looking to move into cursed Connecticut digs formerly occupied by dearly departed Amaranth. [FCBJ via DealBreaker]

Albert Pirro can return to his shenanigans legal practice in New York. [NYT]
• While their financial sector brethren were raking in record bonuses last year, law associates saw their year-end windfalls flatline in ‘06. Maybe all those entry-level raises had something to do with it. [National Law Journal via]
• Before those associates complain too much, they should remember that they make just about as much as some federal judges. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Jennifer Aniston calls fashion “a pain in the ass,” sticks to flip-flops and jeans to avoid ridicule. [ via British Vogue]
• Living well is the best revenge: Marilyn Manson ex Dita Von Teese honored with a best-dressed award by Swedish Elle. [Fashion Week Daily]
• H&M plans to sell linens, towels, and other home textiles online and in catalogs. [BBC]

CNBC Backs Anchor Maria Bartiromo