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The Cold War Comes to Brooklyn


Cold War Kids drummer Matt Aveiro and bassist Matt Maust at Union Hall last night.Photo: John Atchley

With a catchy new single, “Hang Me Up to Dry,” sold-out concerts across the country, and an upcoming European tour with Brooklyn phenoms Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the California foursome Cold War Kids might just be the hottest new band you’ve never heard of — if you don’t read the music blogs, that is. Bassist Matt Maust spoke with us before the band played Park Slope’s Union Hall last night. After the jump, Maust on the differences between New York and California, Fellini, and his phobias.

Is a New York audience different from a California audience?
New York is quieter. In California, people want to be part of a show — but in a bad way, a way that’s disrespectful to the band.

The new video for “Hang Me Up to Dry” is about to come out. What we can expect?
This video was meant to look like Fellini’s 8 1/2 — done in black and white, with a few gorgeous women. It’s also a little like Scorsese’s Raging Bull.

What would you like to do next in music?
Write something for films. Tom Waits wrote some good stuff for Shrek.

Dream collaboration?
To be photographed by Anton Corbijn. Musically, I’d like to work with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds or the Radiohead guys.

Any big phobias?
Breaking my knuckles on the bathroom door while exiting as someone else is trying to enter. It doesn’t take too much force to break knuckles. And swallowing my own tongue.
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The Cold War Comes to Brooklyn