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Condos, Not Chappelle, to Save Brooklyn’s Broken Angel



Last time we checked in with Broken Angel — the Clinton Hill building that sprouts a code-defying crown of striking annexes — its owners’ son was trying to line up Michel Gondry and Dave Chappelle for benefit shows, and Chappelle was saying he was willing to help. Now it seems like Chappelle’s help may not be needed. The answer to Broken Angel’s woes could be, well, the answer to absolutely everything these days: more condos.

The owners, Arthur and Cynthia Wood, reached a deal with a local developer who will convert the building into residences. The Woods will keep an apartment and an art studio in it, and the ground floor will house some sort of “community space.” The Broken Angel stands on a sturdy foundation of a former Brooklyn Trolley HQ; the big question, of course, is whether anyone will get to live on its upper floors, with their junkyard-Gaudi stained-glass windows, and whether those windows will even survive the conversion. Of course, maybe the Woods will get really lucky and Dash Snow will deign to ejaculate on the thing. Those condos would be worth a fortune.

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Condos, Not Chappelle, to Save Brooklyn’s Broken Angel