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Ewan McGregor Comes to New York for the Cybersex


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What do married actors do while they’re away from their spouses for all those months, working on a film? Well, Ewan McGregor, who is currently in town for a shoot, reports that he and his wife plan on regular cybersex sessions while he’s on the road. Of course, that’s not a big surprise coming from well-known full-frontal enthusiast McGregor, who has proudly displayed his goods in several previous projects, although not Miss Potter, which opens tomorrow. But that omission isn’t for lack of effort. “I did try to get it in the film,” he said of Miss Potter. “They said, ‘It’s nice Ewan, but we don’t think it quite works with this movie.’ They tried animating it: putting Peter Rabbit’s face on it and making it speak to Beatrix, but they didn’t think it was tasteful enough in the end.” Insert your own lightsaber joke here.

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Ewan McGregor Comes to New York for the Cybersex