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Five More Things You Didn’t Know About Judith Regan

Last week we learned that recently deposed book editor Judith Regan kept all sorts of weird things in her office, including clothes, her kids’ report cards, and an enormous portrait of herself. In this week’s New York, Vanessa Grigoriadis tells us so much more about the woman:

1. While all the O.J.-Jews-firing saga was going on, Regan was on a 21-day liquid fast — no chewing allowed! — that allowed her to eat only an “infusion of berry drinks, enzyme shots, hot tea, live juice, and a once-a-day treat of soup — a mélange of carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach puréed in the Cuisinart.”

2. The ReganBooks staff was informed of Regan’s firing before she was. (And when they found her in her office after the meeting where she was told, she was eating — gasp! — a sandwich.)
3. A few years ago, Regan tried to hire Grigoriadis. Over lunch, Regan explained how women in the publishing industry needed to band together, “like the Jews.”
4. The key reason for Regan’s firing might not have been the O.J. project, which was a disaster, or the Jewish-cabal phone conversation, but rather that proposed Mickey Mantle fictional memoir, which included this passage: “Mickey enters her, going in nice and easy. He waits for the yelling and the screaming, waits for her to tell him how good it was, waits for an ooh or an aah, any reaction at all, but no … While he works away at it, Marilyn just lies there staring at him with cold, accusing eyes.”
5. When HarperCollins CEO Jane Friedman fired Regan just before the News Corp. Christmas party, she may have misunderstood Murdoch, who wanted her fired eventually, not immediately. Whoops.

There’s lots more in the article.

Even Bitches Have Feelings [NYM]

Five More Things You Didn’t Know About Judith Regan