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From Bottle Service to Butler Service?


Photo: Getty Images/Hulton Archive

Think bottle service isn’t bad enough? Get ready for, well, bottle-service service. The City Council is chewing over a plan that would ban “unattended” pouring in clubs, which means your $900 bottle of Blue Label could soon come with a chaperone attached. Considering that the bottle service itself began as an unsubtle method of weeding out the riffraff, the new rule would launch the practice into truly stratospheric levels of snootiness. Why is the City Council getting into this? Well, apparently, the current form of bottle service makes it hard to keep underage drinkers from imbibing the sweet liquor. Or, perhaps, it’s a job-creation issue. After all, the amendment would result in the city’s crappiest new position: that of a chaperone-butler-concierge-nanny stationed at a single booth all night, waiting to personally refresh a reveler’s drink. Oh, fun.

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From Bottle Service to Butler Service?