All These People Wore Khakis


Peter, Nick, Vonciele, Cindy, William, Tiffany, and Karen.Photos: Jocelyn Guest

On Monday the Gap — you know, that ubiquitous purveyor of khakis and pocket T-shirts you stopped shopping at sometime in college — fired its chief executive, Paul Pressler, after it decided he couldn’t turn around the flailing brand. As the company searches for a new direction, we sent an intrepid New York reporter to the enormous Fifth Avenue store in midtown to chat with shoppers on their way out and see what advice New Yorkers have for the retailing giant.

I’ve always shopped here and love it. You can always find something you want.” — Peter, 39, flight attendant–hair dresser

The (RED) campaign is really inspiring. And the quality [of the clothes] is good — they’re cute, trendy.” —Nick, 40, addictions counselor

I’m just coming to buy something red. It’s gotten better in the past few years. They introduced that 1960s line, and I love it.” — Vonciele, “over 40,” entertainer

I only shop here every once in a while. It’s only good for basics but can be a little overpriced sometimes.” —Cindy, 20, student

I don’t shop here that much, I just come to buy khaki pants. Most of what they sell, like 60 percent, I don’t like.” —William, 21, student

The guy in there gave me this crazy look when I just asked for something. I’m so over their styles.” —Tiffany, 18, student

I’m from Italy, so I don’t get to the Gap that much. Between the low prices and the quality, I don’t mind it. It’s good.” — Karen, 40, textile sales

Jocelyn Guest

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All These People Wore Khakis