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Harold Dieterle, ‘Top Chef’ Winner and Health-Code Violator


Photo: Harold Dieterle’s MySpace

Bravo’s America’s Next Top Model-in-the-kitchen hit Top Chef returned from its three-week hiatus last night. To the immense pleasure of obsessive fans (not, um, anyone we know, of course), that meant last year’s winner, Harold Dieterle, who’s currently gearing up to open the restaurant Perilla in the West Village, returned to blogging about it. We like the guy, but his thoughts on the hazing of a current contestant in the new episode made us reconsider whether we really want to dine at his eatery.

It really amazes me the amount of hatred directed at Marcel…. I mean, you’re around these people all the time, and look, there were times when there were people that I didn’t want to be around, but my decision was to go and lock myself in the bathroom. That was my quiet time.

That’s how he got through the show? By hanging out in the bathroom? Let’s hope he remembers employees must wash hands before returning to work.

CORRECTION, Jan. 4: An earlier version of this item suggested Top Chef was still on hiatus.

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Harold Dieterle, ‘Top Chef’ Winner and Health-Code Violator