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How Stella Got Her Offensive Stream of Vitriol Back

Since leading homophobe Isaiah Washington is stuck in a rehab facility for the time being, best-selling author Terry McMillan has gamely stepped up to the gay-bashing plate. As Galleycat reports, McMillan’s contribution to the new anthology The Honeymoon’s Over: True Stories of Love, Marriage, and Divorce is a list of 100 questions for the ex-husband who left her after he realized he was gay. (Readers will recall the man in question was also the model for the hot young lover in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, which may put a slight damper on those royalty checks.) What did she want to know?

• “Why are most gay men so gorgeous? There also seems to be a kind of narcissism inherent in your behavior because there is clearly an obsession with your looks, your bodies, and body parts? What is this about?”

• “Have you been surprised by the promiscuous behavior of a lot of gay men? Are you going to be like this or are you already?”

• “Do you know all of the men you’ve had sex with? Can you count them?”

• “Why do so many gay magazines and books focus on cruising, bondage, sex: any-way-you-can-get-it, S&M, looks, beautiful bodies, etc., etc., with very little or no attention given to how to achieve or maintain healthy relationships?”

To her credit, McMillan, whose ex famously accused her of calling him a fag, has at least gotten over the breakup enough to stop throwing that F-bomb. And look how well she’s doing without it!

Terry McMillan Still Bitter, Like You Care [Galleycat]

How Stella Got Her Offensive Stream of Vitriol Back