Magazine Can’t Wait for End of Bloomberg Era

We’ll remind you, first, that New York elects its mayor the year after the United States elects its president. Then we’ll remind you that Mike Bloomberg was elected to a second four-year term — unprecedented spending, unprecedented margin of victory, remember? — in November 2005 and inaugurated on January 1, 2006. Finally, we’ll remind you that this means he’ll be New York’s mayor until December 31, 2009. Now let us point you to the first two sentences of Adam Gopnik’s “Comment” in the current New Yorker. The emphasis is ours:

It is a sign of the times — which, a Greenwich Village bard once told us, change — that two former mayors of New York may run for President next year, and no one thinks that either candidacy is even slightly a joke. Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is thinking of running, as a Republican, and current Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who will be a former by then, may run as a None of the Above.

Hey, even the world’s most storied fact-checking staff gets a holiday break, too.

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Magazine Can’t Wait for End of Bloomberg Era