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Mag-Drunk Bauer to Mix a Secret ‘Cocktail’



Attention, Sex and the City–ites: Numerous news outlets are reporting this morning that Bauer Publishing — home to irresistible weeklies like InTouch and Life & Style — is developing a new checkout-line siren, Cocktail Weekly. It’ll be a new women-oriented title about — well, what will it be about? The Post gets confirmation from Bauer CEO Hubert Boehl that there’s a $2.49 cover price then wanders into a disquisition on the business model of magazine publishing. Women’s Wear squeezes the chief until he allows that they’re “developing a new niche.” And Mediaweek has the best scoop, coming in with the shocker that the female-friendly mag will be covering “relationships, fashion, beauty and health” with an eye on letting advertisers reach women with disposable incomes. (To be fair, we do also learn from WWD and Mediaweek that Maria Lissandrello, currently at Bauer’s First for Women, will be helming the mag.) We hope it’s a mag all about how to make drinks, but we can’t imagine we’ll be that lucky.

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Mag-Drunk Bauer to Mix a Secret ‘Cocktail’