Maid Hits Naomi Campbell — With a Civil Suit


Campbell leaving court in November. Photo: Getty Images

While her criminal complaint against supermodel Naomi Campbell awaits a verdict this month — last we checked in, Campbell was considering a plea deal but unwilling to do community service — alleged cell phone victim Ana Scolavino is bracing for round two of JeanGate. In an 8-page civil complaint filed today in Brooklyn Supreme Court, Scolavino seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages for the alleged March 30, 2006, incident at Campbell’s Park Avenue pad, in which Campbell is accused of chucking a cell phone at Scolavino’s head when a pair of jeans turned up missing.

In striking plaintiff Scolavino with her cell phone,” the complaint charges, “defendant Campbell acted maliciously and with reckless disregard for the safety of others, including plaintiff Scolavino.” Scolavino is also blasting Campbell for comments made to the press about the alleged incident, in which Campbell said that Scolavino was “sadly mistaken if she thinks she can extract money from me by concocting lies by recycling old stories.” Retorts Scolavino’s complaint: “Instead of taking responsibility for her intentional, malicious and reckless acts, and instead of apologizing for her conduct, defendant Campbell libeled and slandered plaintiff through a public press release.” If you’re keeping score at home, this at least the third time one of Campbell’s employees accused her supermodel of assault. And if you’d prefer not to have cell phones tossed at you, you’ll believe her when she says she’s done no wrong. —Nick Divito

Scolavino v. Campbell [pdf]

Maid Hits Naomi Campbell — With a Civil Suit