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More U.S. Women Are Single Than Married: Discuss


Arbusfeld, Bokova, Nasrolai, Cintron.Photos: Tim Murphy

A record-setting 51 percent of U.S. women are now living without a spouse, according to a report in today’s Times — up from 35 percent in 1950. How do New York women feel about that spike? We asked them in front of that temple of matrimony, the Kleinfeld bridal megashop in Chelsea. —Tim Murphy

Meryl Arbusfeld, legal consultant, Teaneck: “I think it’s sad that so many people don’t have a spouse. My daughter’s here to get fitted for her wedding dress, so hopefully that won’t happen to her.”

Valeriya Bokova, bartender-student, Coney Island (originally Ukraine): “I don’t think it’s so good because everybody needs somebody’s shoulder, man or woman. Based on my international experience, it’s hard to meet somebody in New York City. People are busier and they’re not that trustable — I mean trusting.”

Sahar Nasrolai, bridal-dress designer (but not a Kleinfeld employee), Great Neck: “I think it’s because people tolerate less today. Women have their own careers, and they get married later. I got married at 30, and now I’m on my third child. I waited for the right person, and I’m very happy.”

Rose Cintron, government worker and group-home counselor, Dobbs Ferry: “Women are more independent now. Some of us have better jobs and education than men. As for me, I don’t live with a man. I live with a woman. Yeah, like that.”

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More U.S. Women Are Single Than Married: Discuss