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‘NYO’: Jared Paul Stern Is Still Not Being Charged


Photo: Patrick McMullan

A teaser yesterday afternoon on the Observer’s Daily Transom blog about its feature today on heretofore disgraced former “Page Six”-er Jared Paul Stern delivered the newsbreak that the U.S. Attorney’s Office had announced Stern would not be charged in the long-lingering Ron Burkle alleged-extortion case. More details were promised in today’s paper. So now we’ve read today’s paper; what more did we learn? Very little. Stern continues to have been informed that he won’t be charged. Burkle’s spokesman issued an inconsequential statement. The U.S. Attorney’s Office wouldn’t comment. Stern continues, as he has for months, to protest his innocence and speak darkly of lawsuits. There is, however, one upside to this glaring lack of anything new: We were at least spared the Ray Donovan quote.

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‘NYO’: Jared Paul Stern Is Still Not Being Charged