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Rosie’s Feuds: Fun for the Whole Family!


Photo: Patrick McMullan

We were a little concerned when last week passed without any untoward eruptions from Rosie O’Donnell, but thankfully she’s now back in fine fettle. On yesterday’s show she upped the ante by both calling Donald Trump “obsessed” with her and coining the term “comb-over bunny.” (This was after, as the tabs report, she accosted Barbara Walters pre-show, called her pinch-faced superior a liar, refusing to hug her and claiming she’d failed to provide sufficient support in the Trump War while on a two-week vacation.) So far, a quick count has Rosie at five blowouts in recent weeks — the three majors (ching-chong-gate, the Barbara’s-rich remark, and Trump War) plus two more juicy Babs-Trump aftershocks (yesterday’s fights with, first, Barbara and, second, Donald). Naturally, we’ll now stay glued to The View each morning, looking for the next explosion. We hear once she hits ten we get a free feud of our choosing.

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Rosie’s Feuds: Fun for the Whole Family!