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Rosie Turns Her Wrath on ‘Idol’ Judges


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The nice thing about covering Rosie O’Donnell’s feuds is that you’re rarely faced with a slow news day. Today, for example, brings news and uploads of her latest feud, this time against a formidable trinity: The judges of American Idol. As reported in the Posts both New York and Washington, Rosie said that Wednesday’s hugely watched Idol premiere — 32 million viewers is the estimate — contained elements of both drunkenness and cruelty: Paula stumbled around drinking what the View host doubted was Coke, and Simon mocked a contestant as looking like a “bush baby.” Missed the fun? To YouTube! First there’s this bit from Idol, in which Simon tosses off that insult and Paula does a fair amount of stumbling, if one can stumble in a chair. Then there’s the clip of Rosie criticizing Paula on The View. Take a look and judge for yourself. And then wonder how frustrated Barbara Walters must be that Rosie is always the audience’s pick.

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Rosie Turns Her Wrath on ‘Idol’ Judges