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Sundance Report: ‘Angel-A’ Actress Goes to Park City, Turns on New York


Besson and Rasmussen at Tuesday night’s Angel-A screening.Photos: Getty Images

Rie Rasmussen, the 31-year-old Danish model, artist, filmmaker, and actress, calls New York home these days, but she’s in Park City this week with Angel-A, the Luc Besson film in which she stars. The story of a Parisian lowlife whose attempted suicide is thwarted by mysterious blonde, played by Rasmussen, Angel-A drew a young and enthusiastic crowd — mostly twentysomething guys — to the Library Center Theatre Tuesday night. After the screening, Besson, creator of fan favorites Nikita and The Professional, entered to cheers; the cheers turned to hoots and whistles when Rasmussen sprinted down the aisle to join him onstage. But the next day, just before last night’s screening, Rasmussen wasn’t exactly returning the love.

How does she like living in New York, we asked. And so began a diatribe about the spoiled brats she deals with on a regular basis. “I like to call them soft-skulled offspring of famous people who haven’t accomplished anything in real life but people suck your dick because of your parents,” she said. “It’s pathetic. It’s a sad truth about New York.” Oh, really? She quickly offered a list of things she likes about New York, too, from dance clubs to chicken-wing stands and fitness clubs. Then she added a final thought. “Next year I’m going to be living in Belgrade, Kosovo, Paris, and Normandy to shoot my film,” she said. “I’ll be gone for a year.” Excellent timing. —Sam Ramos

Sundance Report: ‘Angel-A’ Actress Goes to Park City, Turns on New York